Three Tables, Two People, and One Goal

That’s where it all started in 1989. 

Then known as Dwight Trade and Services, the company began as a distributor of various construction-related materials such as insulation, gypsum boards, and aluminum foil barriers.

In 1994, now known as Dwight Trade and Development, the small, two-man operation had transformed itself from a humble distributor to a full-fledged manufacturing and importation company.

By 1997, Dwight Trade and Development would decide to use steel as its core material before changing its name, finally, to DwightSteel Building Systems, Inc. to reflect this new commitment and venture of the company. Our company has since grown from a modest office to one that has ten manufacturing plants nationwide.

As our company grew, so did our quest for innovation. After gaining a foothold in a highly competitive market, our product line expanded to include floor decking and ceiling materials to fuel our customers’ growing needs and varying demands.

Now that we have reached all segments of the Filipino consumer, we stand ready to introduce more product lines, and expand our operations so that every Filipino may have a roof that lasts over his head.

For 33 years, we have provided quality materials and unparalleled service to the Filipino people. The journey continues, and so will we, as we strive for excellence through product innovation and integrity, research development, engineering efficiency, logistic enhancement, and nationwide reach.

With numerous projects under our belt serving as a banner of excellence and trust, we guarantee the same level of commitment and service to everyone—from the grandest malls and buildings to the humblest homes and shacks. 

30th Anniversary AVP

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